Digital Scratchboard

dig scratchboard

Had some time on hand and did not want to do the painting exercise I’m meant to 😛 Decided to try out something new digitally. Made a scratchboard and erased out a friends portrait. Need to do a few more before I get the hang of reversing the lines.

Along with my art resolutions I’ve made a personal one to lose some weight.  I’m hoping to start walking a couple of times a week starting today. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Digital Scratchboard

  1. thank you Ronell. one of the things i love about digital art is that there is no setup and no clean up time involved 😛

    thanks Anil. wonder why i didnt think of something like this for the litho or etching exercises that i did.

  2. Thanks Felicity. I’ve been reading about scratchboard artists and thinking that it would be a neat thing to try and then there were two reminders recently. One was by a friends son who did something similar with crayons and he left me a very pretty picture and the second, the Crayola ad that Danny Gregory had a put up on his website – both made me want to try out a linocut or a scratchboard. This “support” was easy to prepare 😀

  3. Hi Ujwala!
    This one is very good!!! I like the lines and the sketch! Do you rememerme? We met in NY on a painting course! I’ve recently found your adress. Finally! I see that you are making progress. That’s great and that you keep going with your work. I stopped painting but I want to make my portfolio and web site. Wish me luck. I”ll write on your e-mail soon. Happy to discover you once again!!!!!
    Good luck with your sketches!:)

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