Right side up


I’ve been postponing trying this out right side up. Finally got around to it earlier in the evening. I find that my lines were looser and more confident in the last one that I made. In this one there is more of a likeness. I’ve used brown ink and a Rotring 0.7 technical pen. It’s approx 8″ X 10″ in my sketchbook.  Doesnt look brown as I havent cleaned out the pen!

Work on my art resolutions has begun and I’m very pleased about it. But because of this finished pieces and posts will be far fewer for a while.


6 thoughts on “Right side up

  1. I like them both – oddly enough,I think the hand is better on the upside down one – but this one has wonderful dark, brooding eyes and a completely different expression. You should hand them as a series, side by side if you do more – it could be really interesting.

  2. just the things that i liked too 😛 I want to do another – a wash again but right side up as that was one of the other things that i liked about the first one.

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