Another Upside Down


One of the art blogs that I consider a must read is Katherine Tyrell’s “Making a Mark“. I visit it often. It contains all kinds of useful information and links for artists. A couple of days ago I followed a link from there to Margaret Stiefvater’s post on “How to Juggle and other Parlor Tricks“. The post struck a chord in me and if you too have been procrastinating and need to give yourself a swift kick in the rear to get going, go read it! I’m hoping that the effects last at least a few days. I’m sure I’ll be heading back in a few days to refresh my conveniently failing memory. 😀

I started a couple of watercolour portraits of Andrew Wyeth yesterday. Just the first wash layer has been put in. And this morning [wonder of wonders!] I made another upside down Pen & Ink drawing. I used brown ink in the Rotring and black drawing ink for the wash. It doesnt resemble the artist, Maqbool Fida Hussain, who I was trying to capture but I do like most things that I make and this one is no exception. 😛 I will give it another go but right side up. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me to succeed in my goal of doing some art related activity everyday.


16 thoughts on “Another Upside Down

  1. Wonderful drawing! I bet it was fun to work upside down (and it looks like you worked quite loosely) and then to see it turn out like magic. I wonder if there’s a way to turn landscapes upside down to make them easier to draw out in nature!

  2. Casey, I cant imagine any of your drawings fitting in the failure slot. Hope you’re not being harsh on yourself. In both cases I used a B&W ref and that helped both with the drawing and when applying the wash.

    thanks Jules, I had a fabulous reference.

    thank you Jana 😀 a fellow EDM’er has made an upside down landscape but i think it was from a photo reference. I just had a picture of me doing a yoga pose of standing on my head and trying to do an upside down landscape in plein air 😛

    What I liked about the exercise is what you spotted right away – the looseness in the drawing and that’s what I liked. I’m so busy trying to get a likeness when I’m right side up that I sometimes forget to enjoy myself!

  3. Thanks for the link. I hadn’t spotted this before – you must have been posting during one of my feedreader ‘black holes’! 😉

    I like the combination of wash and line and the close crop in your drawing

  4. Katherine – Thank you. I’m a big fan of your work and your blog. Dont know how you manage to do both! Your comment has brought me back to this post and reminded me that I haven’t tried something like this in quite a while.

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