Digitally Done


Project Andrew Wyeth continues….  I just cannot seem to resist drawing Andew Wyeth from his photographs.  He has so many interesting lines on his face most of which i could not capture and so this is going to stay WIP until I learn a bit more on tackling lines and wrinkles.   The first one was made a couple of days back.

Made digitally with oils in Art Rage 2 .


7 thoughts on “Digitally Done

  1. I’ve used a software called Art Rage 2 made by Ambient Design. I’m a big fan as it is very simple to use. It has a graphic interface instead of only menus and small icons. The best part is that they have a fairly decent free version. And if you choose to upgrade it will cost you 20 dollars which is a fraction of what you need to pay for some of the others out there. So far the only option that it doesnt have is watercolours. I do use PS but find it difficult to understand and to locate functions etc. I tried the trial version of Painter IX.5 for 2 months and was not very impressed.

    Sorry for going on and on but this is something that i’m really hooked on. For me Art Rage is the clear winner.

  2. Ihave tried all of the above and based on ease of use, versatility and productivity. I think that you have selected the best. Are you using the PAID version ($20). I still have PAinter 4 and I find it a little bit unfriendly although It had a lot of goodies and things to paint “organically”.

    PhotoShop is for pictures and it does not let itself be used for freehand drawing/painting easily. I use PS whenI start with one or severalphotos to create somehtign completely different or to adjust the original somewhat.

    There is one lnew line program for the Mac that I saw in FRY’s for $79 that I am going to try soon. It is an alternative to Illustrator.

  3. Hi Yari, after using it for a few months, I bought the paid version. I wanted access to layers and some additional colour related functions. It was an easy decision – comparing 20 to 400 and 550. I know the others have plenty more functions but I dont need those at the moment also I didnt want to get caught up in learning the software. I’m concentrating on learning to paint right now :d I havent regretted the decision at all.

    Art Rage has a pencil and a marker tool and you could use it for line but apparently for drawing there are other software that may do the job better. The one that I read about in a review which had a great rating was Alias Sketchbook but I think there is a huge difference in cost. You could probably get a trial or demo version to test before taking a decision.

  4. Very good. And what an advance on some of the earlier digital work, like the picture you did of me? This one could well be an oil on canvas. Congrats!

  5. Thank you 😀 Ease of colour mixing and the edit and undo levels all make it much easier to use than painting on a canvas. Hoping to see more from you soon.

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