Street Vendor

Cigarette Vendor

We were stuck in a traffic jam in Dhaka a while ago and we have plenty of those :D. I looked around and took a few photographs of cart pullers, rickshaws and street vendors. This cigarette vendor was on the pavement a few cars away waiting for his next customer. Smoking is fairly popular here in Bangladesh and on just a short stretch you’ll find several such cigarette vendors.  They have a couple of empty soft drink cartons stacked and a glass box to hold the stock and display it.

The number of photographs I’m taking of the streets and the people has dwindled to zero 😦 As of this morning my husbands camera (it’s smaller) has been appropriated and I intend to take many more.

I’ve noticed that in almost all my drawings and painting the focus is on either a face or a person and the background is completely ignored. For this one I decided to add the background. It got overworked and I’ll be trying it out again.


8 thoughts on “Street Vendor

  1. Just looking around at other art blogs. I like yours – and you’re in India, which makes it even more interesting. I just started mine, but I’m in dreary Chicago.

  2. I like the integration with the background – you should do more like this 🙂

    The abstract shapes of it are really good, the whole balance of the piece – and again those lovely free lively marks when you draw 🙂

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