Abhimanue – Take 2

Abhimanue - Take 2

This is my second attempt at drawing Abhimanue. He was the first person I met on my first day in college.  I had been apprehensive and talking to him calmed me down.  Abhimanue had an open door policy and always made time for the students.  However trivial our queries may have been he answered them patiently with sound and useful advice. He also let me take this photograph 😀 You can see my earlier attempt at drawing him here.

I’m mighty pleased to have found an art group with a teacher. I showed him my recent pen & ink work and some pencil sketches from life and asked for his help in making different tones. He showed me how with a pencil and charcoal stick. I was supposed to fill in the other half but didnt want to mess up the beautiful work that he’d already put down. It was a pleasure to see him at work. Watching the freedom of his strokes I realised that I need to start doing my drawing exercises again.

I havent managed to save enough white space but was still quite pleased with this attempt. Also I tried out 3 different charcoal sticks and there was huge difference in the black marks they made both in terms of the colour as well as the smoothness with which they went on.


4 thoughts on “Abhimanue – Take 2

  1. Ujwala, this is an interesting post. Your teacher’s work is very beautiful – maybe you could make a copy and play with that. I notice that one of the main differences is the tilt of the head, which is something I struggle with as well. Maybe we are so eager to jump in that we don’t take the time to get the first gesture right. I envy you this class – you are going to learn so much!

  2. Casey, you’re sooo right about the jumping in bit 😛 my very new resolution is to take my time initially to ensure that everything is in place. Checked the reference and in it he doesnt have a tilt. dunno how that happened 😛 I, of course, didnt put any imaginary grids on his face as i was taught to do! After more than year of no classes I’m really happy to have this opportunity. Thank you.

  3. Ujwala, I have to second the comment on your teacher’s work. Very, very nice. Even tho you say in your post that he didn’t have a tilt to his head, your’s shows strong characteristics and shading. I know one of my own problems is still being a little on the heavy side when it comes to shading. But, with this class you are taking, you will learn a lot and maybe try to lighten up on the shading. But, otherwise, I still think it’s a good likeness. I’ll follow your progress with great interest. Keep up the good work.

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