Colorful Rickshaws

I grew up in Kolkata, a city with hand pulled Rickshaws. I must’ve sat in one just once and my friend pulled me along up and down the road to her house for a lark! At that point there were a few other cities with hand pulled rickshaws but they were soon upgraded to cycle rickshaws. In Kolkata, they are still being used but there is talk of converting them to Cycle Rickshaws. I hope that they are able to rehabilitate the Rickshaw pullers in a timely manner without loss of income.

We have now moved to Bangladesh which is known for its colourful Cycle Rickshaws and Rickshaw Art. These Rickshaws are on my list of could be series of paintings. There were 3 people sitting in this Rickshaw which is meant to be a single seater and yet the driver seemed to be moving it along effortlessly. The reference photograph was taken with the hope of making a painting. I’ll consider this pen and wash to be a study for a larger piece. One thing that I can see is that I need a few lessons in perspective and proportion 😀 I like the colourfulness of this effort.

8″ X 10″ Pen and Goauche wash in my sketchbook.