Sandeep Jigdum

Jigdum - Take 2

I’ve been working in fits and starts on my College of Art Portrait series.  Made this one of Sandeep’s at the art group meet this morning. We hadnt met up in 5 weeks and I was really happy to catch up and restart these meetings once more. I had made a sketch of Vishal yesterday evening which hadnt turned out so well and so I was keen on trying another. I’m bit happier with this one but the resemblance is missing. I think a Take 3 is required here too. Maybe I’ll just skip to painting him instead. The one below was made in Oct/Nov ’05 soon after the photograph was taken. I showed it to Jigdum and he drew out a rough sketch to show me the areas I needed to take care in. I’m also pleased to see the progress over a period of time.

Jigdum - Take 1


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