Too far to fix


The learning here was never to start something you want to take a lot of care with and make extra special, under pressure or with a new medium. I hope to make another one replace this one with in the near future. This one is now too far for me to get my hands on to change.

Acrylic on a 10 by 10 canvas. limited palette.

Here’s an incomplete digital painting from the same reference made quite a while ago that I like much better. Dont you?

uma wip 2


5 thoughts on “Too far to fix

  1. Hi Ujwala,
    I actually prefer the most recent effort. I like the colour of the baby’s skin, as I think it would be reddish like that squished up against her mother, I also love the sweet droopy mouth…well it’s always harder to tell on the computer, perhaps in real life I would prefer the older one…but I like the softness too of the recent one.

  2. I like the older one. It is probably because the more natural colors. But who knows what is natural?? It all depends on who is watching. I think the older one may reflect the natural color of the baby better, while the newer one reflects what a caucasian person would perceive as “natural”. The mouth looks better defined and cute in the newest version and altogether, they are both great.

  3. Thank you Sally and Yari for your comments. There are bits that I like in both. I would’ve liked to have defined the features a bit more and worked a bit more on the hair. The way I was layering the acrylics it wasnt covering the earlier brush strokes and the yellow seemed to be transparent and not opaque!

  4. the first piece is made with acrylics on a stretched canvas but the second piece which was made earlier and is still incomplete has been made digitally – a mix of oils in art rage 2 and painter.

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