Long absence


At the College of art we had lots of artists visiting and one of them was Anjolie Ela Menon. She was one whose work I was familiar with and she very kindly allowed me to take a photograph. Pen and Ink to try and keep my hand in. The shape of the face has been penned in incorrectly and it became impossible to correct later. And a pencil sketch of Priyanka, a classmate of mine at the College of Art.



4 thoughts on “Long absence

  1. thanks arvindh 😀 i tried some sketches from life at the airport and at home and was saddened to see how out of touch i’ve got. need to start sketching from life again.

  2. thank you Jana. in this past year it’s been mostly drawing and painting from photo references. i think i need to get back to drawing from life regularly.

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