Mother and Child

mother and child

Inspite of the problem areas there is something about this sketch that appeals to me more than all the others i did over the holidays.   I think the main reason is that it brings back the moment I was trying to capture.  This holiday was the second time that I got to spend with my niece since her birth earlier in the year.   It was great to see my sister being a mother.  Right now Mama is Top of the Pops for the baby and that’s nice to see and enjoy too.


7 thoughts on “Mother and Child

  1. I just adore that drawing. Is it, by chance, for sale? or do you sell prints of it?

    I can be reached by email.

    Many thanks.


  2. I too like the piece! Is it for sale or a print available? I have 4 children and a mother that adores them. I would love to give as a anniversity gift!

    Please let me know!

  3. Hi
    I too would like to either obtain a print of mother and child or preferably a copy of the image so that I can have it printed onto a very large canvas. Is this possible?

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