I should be painting


This has been dated incorrectly. Started this morning. Ever since I’ve stopped working I find it difficult to keep a track of the date. I usually know which day of the week it is but the date eludes me. I thought today was the 10th and dated both drawings incorrectly.

The one on top is of Yadavendra a class mate of mine at the Delhi College of Art. He was one of the class monitors for the year and was extremely helpful. I hope to do a painting of his too. In fact the plan is to do one of each classmate and batchmate. At least for those whom I can drum up decent pictures.

And the one below is of a model for Gianfranco Ferre. The ad appears in The Peak magazine. I’d made one of Marco Mantovani earlier from the same magazine only his photo ref was part of an article. The model looks like he’s got stitches on his cheeks and a really deep stare, these were not artistic liberties just mistakes 😀

gianfranco ferre ad

I hope to start painting again soon. I would also like to make the next few drawings from life.


2 thoughts on “I should be painting

  1. Hi Ujwala! I have also kept some magazine pictures to draw them. I think that there is so much emotion when you start looking at one and you tell yourself: here it is! I will certainly love to draw that. I have plenty of them. Hopefully, I will get busy. I just move from Montreal CA, to London UK to join our children and have been travelling in France and Belgium in between so I have not had much time to spend drawing and painting and I miss it a lot. Hopefully, after we have settled down a bit more in England, I am going to start again. Can’t wait! I have been reading you bit by bit and enjoy every single part of it. You are so talented and are a true inspiration. Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Hi Carolle, that’s quite a trip you’ve taken and I’m sure it has been hectic. Hope you settle in quickly. Thank you for coming back to the blog and the compliments :D. I’m looking forward to seeing your work.

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