Started this when I was stuck on the Portrait Project. It’s a portrait of a friend of mine and I’ve attempted her several times in the past two years. I’ve known Sangeeta since I was 7 and she has been the guinea pig so often as she is the most forgiving accepting of the outcomes.   While it still isnt quite there, this is the closest I’ve got to “getting” her and so I’m pleased with it.  I’m going to set it aside for a while and hope to come back to it in a few months.

I’m off to buy some art supplies and starting tomorrow, hope to do the exercises in Charles Sovek, Kevin MacPherson and Nita Leland’s books!


10 thoughts on “Sangwit

  1. Hey that’s pretty good! But this must be an old photograph or you’re flattering sangeeta as usual by leaving out the grumpiness!

  2. J-Bo, thank you thank you 😀 the photograph isnt very old. taken about 2 years ago. now there’s a thought – the next one could be one of the grumpy ones but there’s a chance she’ll get mad at me 😛 and i need to weigh that before diving in.

  3. Jana thank you very much 😀 7-8 portraits of hers have been attempted over the last two years. She is one subject that I enjoy painting over and over again.

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