Toothy Smile

Toothy art rage

One more for the November Challenges thread at the Painters Alley, WetCanvas. This is one of the subforums under Digital Art and is for images painted using the techniques of a traditional painter without filters, effects, cloning, paint overs, or plugins. Images using those methods are posted in the regular digital art forum.

Made with Art Rage 2 from a selection of photo references provided by the moderator.


8 thoughts on “Toothy Smile

  1. Thanks Mithi 😀 i tried out the same reference in Corel Painter as well as Art Rage. I liked the Art Rage version better as I didnt have to think about changing brushes etc. it was all right there. do you have a week of digital art too?

  2. This is really great. Two things I like in particular: the way you cropped in on the face so closely, and the way your marks extend beyond the boundaries of the box. So nice.

  3. Thank you Suzanne. Credit for the crop goes to the photographer. I was drawn to it for the same reason 😀 I enjoyed participating in this digital challenge at WetCanvas.

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