David and Goliath

photo 1 uma painter wip 3

Both are from photo references. Both are WIPs. The first made with Art Rage and the second using Painter. My comfort level is plain to see. The first is a bit more finished as I was able to blend the layers with a brush and knife. I tried to do the same quite unsuccessfully with the later. I have since discovered the blending brushes in Painter and will try them soon.

The one clear advantage that I see for Art Rage over Painter is the ability to get on with your art and not having to keep changing types of brushes, layers and what not. I’m sure in the next 2 months I’ll understand and be able to use Painter more efficiently and will probably like it more. But I will still love Art Rage for how easy it is to use and how simple they’ve kept things so that you can immerse yourself in your painting and forget about the rest.

Below is my first scribble in Painter and another piece where I’ve tried the watercolor brushes that they offer. Definitely need to do some reading. And there’s quite a bit of that available on their website and for those who’re interested in trying it Corel offers a 60 day trial version.

painter first try wc


7 thoughts on “David and Goliath

  1. You’ve been doing these on the computer? I only just realised! I prefer the tactile feeling of paper and pens/brushes on my hands. But you sure are making beautiful drawings … keep it up. (by the wya, to answer your question, my course is an academic year long).

  2. Thank you Mithi. Yes, all three are digital. I’ve recently started using Art Rage, Painter and Photoshop. If it hadnt been for Art Rage I guess I wouldnt have tried the others.

    At this point, i’m still in the process of trying various mediums. The most that I tried were in the one year that i spent at the Delhi College of Art. The digital medium was not one of them as it was a part of the Applied Arts programme and its use restricted to graphic design. I had opted for Painting and Sculpture and was then too occupied to look any further. I recently got interested and started trying it out and am enjoying the experience.

    While, for me too, there is the pleasure of hand on paper, the digital medium has certainly been worth the try. I’ve become a big fan of undo and erase, what ifs and color studies 😀

    In case you’re interested, examples of work done on Paper and Canvas can be found in my Flickr account.

  3. Wow! I’m really impressed with your digital painting. The last one does not at all look digital, nor do the “oil paintings”. You are really good at getting a painterly look from these programs. The one tip I have for Painter is save constantly. It is so unstable! I haven’t had any success is using their watercolor–it’s way easier for me to do watercolor with paint. I like Painter’s drawing tools but haven’t really given oil painting much of a try yet. You inspire me to give it a chance. I agree about how complicated it is!

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