A study for a painting? I think it’s just procrastination :D

uma painter wip 1 uma painter wip 2 uma painter wip 3 Uma

The current tools of choice are the painting software that I have. These WIP images show the progress made on Uma’s digital portrait with Painter IX.5. I’ve downloaded their trial version. It has another 58 days left. Two months is a pretty decent trial period. But Painter is difficult to use especially after using Art Rage. I was not able to blend as easily. Some reading is required to figure out how to do a few basic things.

Back to this post, I need to make a small portrait in oil of my neice Uma. It’ll join the others put up in her room that each member of the family has made. Work started on it a couple of months ago and should’ve finished then. I’ve made this in the interim and it too is incomplete 😛 My excuse is that there is another project which needs finishing sooner.


4 thoughts on “A study for a painting? I think it’s just procrastination :D

  1. Arvindh, there are two readily available. Ones called Art Rage II (http://www.ambientdesign.com ), it’s free at least a basic version of it with a few less tools. That is what I used initially. And then there is Painter IX.5 (http://www.corel.com ). You can download a trial version from their site. And it has a pretty long validity of 2 months. I have 56 days left 😀

    Both are definitely worth a try. Art Rage is an easy to use, simple, no frills package. Very good GUI. Painter has all the bells and whistles and so is a little difficult to navigate. But I’m beginning to understand its huge potential. For example Art Rage has one type of brush in all sizes but Painter has hundreds of types of brushes – in different shapes, sizes, angles etc.

    Do let me know what you think if you choose to try them out.

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