I’ve been wanting to make a portrait of Sridhar for quite a while now. This is digital, made with Art Rage II from a photo reference. I do not use the tracing option though I’m taking a fancy to the undo and erase functions 😀 I think I must’ve spent about 3 hours on this so far as initially I wasnt able to capture even a hint of him.

I started with sketching an outline of his face. When I was happy with it I added another layer for the oil paints. The different colors were too stark and so I used the palette knife to blend the colors and then merged them to allow me to make changes to both layers simultaneously. Finally settled for the scribbly effect over the first few layers which is the style I have been using lately for the pen & inks.

Now stepping back I can see the changes that I would like to make – like moving his whole mouth to the left :P. The nice thing about the digital medium is that I can easily go ahead and make changes after saving a copy of this attempt. Dont know when that will happen though 😛


7 thoughts on “Siridhara

  1. This looks like it’s going to be a great portrait–well already is, though you say you have more work to do. I like your digital oil technique–very effective. If you don’t mind one little suggestion–I found the reflection in his glasses to be distracting because of the sharp contrast between the black and white and wondered if you might want to reduce the reflections a bit–unless that’s what interested you about the photo you’re working from. If you’re missing details you need to paint his eyes because of the reflection, maybe there’s another photo of him you could get the eye detail from? I hope you don’t mind the comment. I really like your work and admire how powerful it is.

  2. jana, thanks, this is what i’ve been wanting 😛 suggestions, opinions, advice and to take what i can from them. thanks for making the effort. you’re right, i need to look at other photographs for the eye details. would you suggest like a glaze over the eye once i get the details in for the relection? for me currently the insurmountable mountains seem to be glass, water and reflections 😀

  3. You are an adept at using the digital medium as much as you are at the regular physical paint/brush/knife. Great work here. Like the vivid colours in this one. The softness that you have portrayed in your FIL portrait is very good, and I love your depiction of the translucent dhuppatta in Shereen.

  4. Not quite there yet 😛 but thank you Arvindh. When do we see you back?

    Renate – thank you. I’m enjoying this medium more than I thought I would. I’ve downloaded the trial version of Painter last night and hoping to give it a good try-out in the 60 days time that i have.

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