My father-in-law


A digital sketch of my father-in-law made to send to him on his birthday yesterday. Made with Art Rage II using a photo reference.

For this one, i took some of the colors from the original reference. I’m sure Photoshop and Painter have this option too but I wouldnt know where to find it! Here I just had to click on the photograph and I had the selected color on my palette. I would’ve used them for the whole portrait had I remembered in time.

My one crib after having used the reference image feature a couple of times is that the picture when imported becomes so small that it is difficult to see the details to paint and even to pick the colors.


7 thoughts on “My father-in-law

  1. Very nice. You’re inspiring me to learn to use Painter’s oil painting feature. It does have an easy ability to create a palette from a photo too, though I haven’t tried it since I haven’t worked from photos with it. This is a lovely tribute to what looks like a kind and gentle man.

  2. thank you jana. my father-in-law is indeed a wonderful man.

    making a complete palette from a photo sounds very exciting! Art Rage allows you to pick a color at a time so no ready made palettes. now, i’m considering getting a copy of painter 😛

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