This was this morning’s efforts whilst with the art group. I had forgotten to carry my brushes and so spent the first hour flicking through a couple of books on art techniques that i’d carried along. Finally decided that Shereen, who was sitting quite still while making her drawing , would make a good subject for a sketch. Was not very pleased with the sketch. Borrowed a brush from Crystal to add in some color and I had hoped to  add shading and create some values but my subject left for home early 😀


7 thoughts on “Shereen

  1. The simplicity and directness in this sketch expresses for me a honest interpretation of the model and of you. All the work went into the thinking (my view) of what you saw, so that the drawing is not overworked. Very beautiful.

  2. thanks jana. dont get me wrong, i do like it too 😛 but every time I look at it i also see the wonky perspective of the armchair that she was leaning on 😛 i’ve decided to dig out my perspex sheet ( a tool recommended in drawing from the right side ) and do a few drawings directly on it to once more get an idea of where these lines are actually headed.

    i’ve gone through half the thread on sketching over at wetcanvas! and i hope i can restart sketching something everyday and there was this wonderful thread on Perspective too which i need to tackle. sorry i’m rambling 😀

  3. thanks Renate. for one of the first times I remembered to put in the larger shape first and then get to the fingers. I had better luck with Shireen’s left hand as she did not move it much.

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