Another Modigliani copy

man with yellow background

I have been trying to sketch but not as often as I would’ve liked and none that i intend to put up here. Used Art Rage 2 to make this one. It’s a copy of Modigliani’s Man with a pipe ( Notary of Nice ). I love the background in this one too. I found it easier to use the application today and i’m getting used to using the wacom too.

Got a couple of nice comments for this one on Flickr.

You can view my progress in Project Modigliani in a post on my other blog, draw the line.


2 thoughts on “Another Modigliani copy

  1. I really like this–it was done digitally? It really looks oil painted. I haven’t yet explored painting with oils in Painter. This makes me want to give it a try! Very nice.

  2. Thanks Jana 😀 it is digital. I used a painting software called Art Rage. Its gui is very intuitive and though it doesnt have all the many options that PS and Painter provide, you can be painting within minutes of opening the application. If you havent do give it a spin. They have a slightly disabled free version.

    One of the things that I love about the digital world is that it’s like a horn of plenty. I go beserk taking pictures with my digi camera and now i can do the same with my virtual paints. I put paint on this canvas using the tubes they provided. Great fun! Highly recommended.

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