Project Modigliani

Elena Povolozky

To jumpstart my painting activity, after my many holidays, I joined the Master of the Month group at WetCanvas! The idea is to copy the work of a pre-selected artist. It’s Amedeo Modigliani for the months of September and October. I hoped to make a copy of one or more of Modigliani’s paintings and one in his style.

You can see my progress on that front in a post that I made at my other blog, draw the line. I’ll put the pieces, once they are finished, here. This is a copy of his painting of Elena Povolozky. After seeing the online reference for the painting as well as a few others, I’ve realised that paintings in the copy of the book that I have are very very dark 😦 If I copy another it will certainly be from an online reference.

Poster Colors on Paper.  8″ X 11″


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