While reading a book on Van Gogh

Van Gogh @ 13

After making a sketch of my left hand for the umpteenth time, I decided to copy a photograph of Van Gogh at 13 that I found in the book that I was reading. I’ve bought about 6 of them on different Masters and this is the first that I picked up to read. While I know most of his story from earlier, I still enjoyed the book and his paintings in it.

Finding myself wide awake I did yet another Van Gogh Self Portrait in pen which was on the inner cover of the book. And then a few days ago when looking around for something to do, I found the sketch again and decided to fill it with oil pastels and it was fun.

Both these were made in the small sketchbook that I carry around in my handbag currently. It is about 5″ by 7″ filled with handmade paper.

Van Gogh

I had the opportunity, this summer to visit the Met and MOMA and see many of the paintings that I earlier seen only in books. I must say that the reproductions and reduced sizes don’t quite capture the beauty, colors or texture of the paintings. I’m really glad to have had the chance to see them in person.


4 thoughts on “While reading a book on Van Gogh

  1. You have captured the likeness of the original in the oil paster work!! Fantastic. I can understand how fortunate you must have felt when you looked at the original artwork at the Met.

  2. thanks arvindh. i loved the museum visits and i’m looking forward to more next year. went to your blog but didnt find any new post. hope you’re planning on getting back soon.

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