My Handy Live Model


He’s tired of only seeing drawings / painting of himself asleep but hasn’t the patience to sit still long enough for me to attempt one when he is awake and so i continue 😀

I made the pen & ink first and then had a go with Art Rage when he was lying down and watching TV. This time I used my Wacom Graphire tablet. I’ve had it for 4 years and until now used it mostly as a mouse.

When I first began drawing, I had a problem of leaving too much white area and now I seem to be having the opposite problem by covering it all up! On the one below – maybe cutting off some of the yellow ochre background from the top will improve the composition?


I’ve been delaying using my “studio”. It’s all set up now but some how I haven’t got around to starting something. First I was waiting for our luggage to arrive, then I was away on a long holiday, returned only to set off again on another trip. Now I’m back for a while having turned down my husbands offer to travel again next week. I hope to start using the room on a regular basis soooooon.


2 thoughts on “My Handy Live Model

  1. hi, your painting is Very catching and bold, and I see what you mean by the Yellow ochre. but is that the problem or does it set the notion?
    what if the green is killed in the bottom left and in the face? thare you might find a uniting ‘heat’ of the work?

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