Uma Uma Uma

I miss her already. A real cutie. I hope to start painting this same picture soon. Wanted to make it far away from her parents gaze in case it doesnt turn out as I want it to.

The one of her in her rocking chair is from life done over a couple of weeks ago.


2 thoughts on “Uma

  1. Hi

    This is Naveen Gopinath
    I just browse through the page its nice
    Good work
    actually i too love art and i have done few of my art works
    but its good that u have posted the art work done

    I Like all the work on this page
    i am not sure is this all ur work or by different people
    i first one abt the house
    its amazing as the color contrast is very good and it has life in the art and also all the sketches done is good

    Keep it Up
    Its good
    Give me some tips as to how to make good art works
    if possible


    Naveen Gopinath

  2. thank you Naveen for the encouragement. I hope to see some of your artwork. all that is on this site is work that I have done. One thing if you stop by again the site that you’ve indicated doesnt work.

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