Last day at TASL

Model 3 Model 3 Model 3

Ever the optimist, I made some notes on the colors of the setup.

5th week 2nd model

Managed to do a quick sketch of the second model in class. I’m thinking that I would’ve enjoyed the next two weeks too 😀

A few things that were learnt/reinforced during this month

1. make many starts

2. pay attention to the negative spaces

3. for the figure be aware of the balance – the triangle between the base of the neck and the two armpits.

4. something as basic as – use a palette knife to put fresh paint onto the mixing area and clean brushes every so often and use many.

One thing that was recommended but I didnt try, was to use a midtone gray as the base color for the palette instead of plastic white or natural wood.  Or to use a sheet painted midtone gray placed underneath a plexiglass or clear glass palette.  I will try this with the next painting that i do from home.


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