End of week 4 at TASL

Edilma 3 Edilma Pose 2 - 2

I didnt manage to get too much done in week 4. Did some work on the portrait. I think I needed to work further on the highlights. Looking at it now I can see a lot of things that I should’ve kept in mind while trying to paint her face. The forehead looks flat. The left side of her mouth doesnt correspond to the curve on the right.

The second pose is incomplete. I’ve also lost the feel of her sitting down in the chair which was there earlier. I dont know what I was thinking.

I asked Edilma which one she liked and she chose the portrait. I thought that she would like the pen sketch. I think I like the portrait too. 😀

I have one more day but it will be with a new pose. I’m thinking of doing some sketches.


3 thoughts on “End of week 4 at TASL

  1. Great going. For what ever its worth, a trap that some people fall into is trying to get symmetry when painting natural matter. Balancing the eyes, nose etc. But we are all kind of uneven and that paintings that show off that unevenness provide the viewer with both charm and truth. I like the mouth the way that it is.

    Hope you enjoyed your visit to NY and ASL. Have a safe trip home.


  2. Thanks Bob 😀 I had a lovely visit and hope to do it again. One thing that I realized is that a lot of what i was told had been told to me earlier during my year at the Delhi College of Art and so it got reinforced.

    Thanks jpde. I had carried a mirror from my sister house for the classes (it was on the list) but was embarassed to pull it out as it was really big. I had thought that we were going to do self-portraits and had carried a largish one 😀 I will start looking at the artwork with a mirror and even upside down 😀

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