Edilma – End of Week 3 at TASL

Edilma and Mike are the models in class for the next two weeks. This time I had the opportunity to pick a spot where there was a play of light and shadow.
Eldjuma Pen & Ink

I did a pen&ink sketch of Edilma first.

Eldjuma Portrait 1Eldjuma Portrait 2Eldjuma 2 & 1/2 :D

and then started what was supposed to have been a quick oil sketch but i just kept on going as I wasnt happy with it. at the end of day 2 I discovered that the nose was too short. wiped it out along with the lower part of her face but then had to deal with the dark outlines of the earlier drawing of her lips which now fall in the upper lip region. i then made the mistake of trying to wipe just that spot out with turpentine and now there is a distinct patch which has several layers of paint missing and the outline of earlier lip remains visible 😀 Keeping up with the moving pony-tail target has been funny. I’m looking forward to see where it is at on Monday.
Mike Pen & Ink

our model came in late on a couple of days and I took the opportunity to do a pen&ink of Mike. this was my second attempt.

Eldjuma Pose 2 - 1

decided to take a break from the earlier painting. this second one is being made on a larger piece of canvas. The chair she is sitting on is the same as that used by Claudia but this one has a lovely green satin cloth draped over it.


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  1. Hi Ujwala, sorry for abusing this blog post for a quick test. Just want to see if I notice the same problem you’ve described or whether it is working for me.

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