End of Week 2 at TASL

1. Claudia Portrait 3

Claudia Portrait 3
This has replaced the blue lady.

2. Black & White? 1 & 2
Claudia B&W 1 Claudia B&W
I wanted to do this one using just two colors – black and white. I dont think I’d taken the nature of the oil paints into account. I kept making changes and soon there was gray. The next day I made a few more changes and then added the two reds. The size is small – approx 8 X 10 and I forced myself to use no. 8 brushes to avoid getting into the details. Wasnt very successful in preventing an attempt at making those details 😛 I still went ahead and tried to make 1mm sized lips and eyes 😀

I think I need to get back to completing the Tonal and Value exercises given by Charles Sovek in Oil Painting : Developing your Natural Abilities.

3. Oil Sketch – Different position / angle
Claudia Sketch
I have been given good advice by Bob Martin to retain the starts so that I can see the progress and changes at the end. I stopped on the above two and started this sketch. It was the last day of this pose and so I chose an empty spot to look at Claudia from a different angle. Next 2 weeks we will be having a new pose.

The post with earlier versions of poses with this model are here. An easier place to check them out side-by-side would be on Flickr here.


10 thoughts on “End of Week 2 at TASL

  1. Wonderful. Oils are a little strange in that they can go to gray or mud at any time and each color has a different drying time. Oils require trust because often you have to wait until everything dries before you know what you’ve got.

  2. I loved seeing your classwork, even though I have no plans to work in oil at any time in my life. Please keep sharing the paintings that you do in your intensive art experience. I live in New York City and will defnitely need to explore the classes available at the Art Student’s League.

  3. thank you shirley. I decided to do oil here as I have very little experience with it. I hope you will check out their website. TASL is a lovely place but I think it requires you to spend more time than a month there. Some folks in class have been coming off and on as time permits for the last 5-10 years! It’s more like a long term program. Having said that I’m really glad I took this opportunity and am learning everyday.

  4. One of the blessings of schools like TASL, Scottsdale Artist School, Palette & Chisel Academy you can always take a class when you feel the need to learn. Many of the art schools/academies across the USA had been started by artist who recognized that every now and then it made sense to abandon their personal isolation and to take a workshop.

  5. Fantastic work, Ujwala! Amazing amount of work in such a short period of time..Thanks for sharing this..
    If you plan to drop by Toronto, you know where to stay..we have wonderful art galleries here and in Ottawa..


  6. Bob – I hope I can continue this in some way henceforth.

    Ranu – great to see you here.  it isnt all that much of work.  need to stay more focussed henceforth 😛  the best part is that i’m loving evey minute of it.  thanks for stopping by. really looking forward to catching up soon.

  7. When you get back home, see if you can find 4 or 5 artist who are willing to set up a painting group. You can rotate as models or pay some one to sit for you once a week. There may be a group already set up in your area.

  8. Bob, that’s a wonderful idea. There was a group meeting up weekly for life drawing earlier. I need to go back and look around some more. I’ve joined a baby group ( me of course sans baby ) which meets on mondays for art. a talented and enthusiastic group who very kindly took me in for which i’ll always be grateful.

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