Self Portrait

Picture 115

Originally uploaded by HughPee.

This one was made for the Self Portrait Marathon started by Sparky Donatello of Crackskull Bob's blog.  It's going to go on till the end of June so just check it out and give it a try.  I think that this one is the closest that i've come to getting a likeness when i compare it with the others that i've made from Life. Some more comments about this portrait made here and here.  And you can see all the self-portraits i've uploaded on Flickr here.  Some are from Life and the others from Photo references.  Will update this set with some new ones soon.  Do leave your comments I'd love to get some feedback on this one or any of the others.


7 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. That is a great sketch! I like the use of earth tones here.

    re. your question in my blog – I am working on my dissertation – hence the index cards (I have not yet put them to use though)

  2. Hi, Visitin u’r site for the first time. Its a wonderful site. U’r art work is great. Being an art lover myself, i wld b comin here often. Guess i wld get good tips on techniques. All i do is ape things i c. The regret i’ve always had is that i cld never draw out of imagination like so many do…

  3. Hi Prajakta. I’m glad you liked my artwork and hope to see you here often. I too have started recently and am always hunting for tips. I’ve begun to think that I need to stop hunting and start painting 😛 I have a blog for such links at

    I think it is good to copy either from life or master painters to learn. this method of teaching has been used for a long long time. i’m looking forward to copying some favorite artists work, first a copy and then to do one of mine in their style. I think once i have the hang of how to draw figures and faces in terms of proportions I too will use my imagination. I do try occasionally but they are not very appealing as yet. 😀

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