Caught Napping

Picture 069

I'm seem to be stuck on pencils now.  I'm hoping to move to paints soon.  Our goods have arrived and are being unpacked.  My "Studio" is going to be ready soon.  It will be my first and I'm very excited about it.

This is from a photograph that I took of a friend while we were waiting for a talk on the Lithography techniques followed by Raja Ravi Verma in the early part of the last century.   The lawns were lovely, it was winter time and people were sunning.  I was busy with my camera and have some lovely portraits from that days visit.

This one is in pencil in my sketchbook.  roughly 8 X 10"  I tried to tackle some folds on the t-shirt and sweater but didnt quite manage it.  I guess I will never improve if I dont try.

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8 thoughts on “Caught Napping

  1. Hi ujwala , thanks for stopping by my site and for ur nice words on my work:) . I like your free style on portraits. But I feel like few of them are completed with a hurry. It lacks the movement and depth. I dont mean to be rude , I just feel you can slow down in few places and it helps a lot. Goodluck !

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