Bust my laptop :(

My screen froze this morning. This in a mac is pretty unusual but I didnt give it much thought and rebooted. And when it came back on again it was without the display. I can hear the computer starting but can see nothing on the screen. 😦 I’m already missing it!

So soon after 10 in the morning when this happened and I’d finished trying to boot it with the battery, without the battery and all sorts of other combinations and getting no results I called up a friend to get a mac service providers number. She suggested that I spend the extra time i now had to draw and sketch.

poster colorpastel

These were made earlier today from a wonderful Photo Reference from Sudharshan. I’ve used the same reference for both the Pastel as well as the Poster Color piece and all 3 are different 😛

It kept me distracted for quite a while. After which I even caught up on some reading and then Ramesh was back home with his laptop 😀

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the problem is a minor one and not the one the service personnel think it may be – requiring changing of the motherboard and having to import the spare part!

UPDATE: July 8, 2006: Good news! I have my PB back in action. Yay! Took it to the Genius Bar at the new Manhattan Apple Store. A wonderful “genius” by the name of Arion advised me of a flat service charge option for 350usd. Sent it in and it was back with me in a weeks time. And it was the motherboard that needed replacing which cost 900usd ++ Since I had almost given up on my PB and had gone to the store expecting to upgrade to another I was happy with the option provided to me. I must add that I was very impressed with the friendliness of the folks at the Apple Store. My father who accompanied me couldnt stop talking about them either.


7 thoughts on “Bust my laptop :(

  1. thank you arvindh. I had a very nice reference to work from.  I'm hoping to put in some more practice now that i have more free time on my hands 😛 In the earlier post i've put up a pastel piece where i was trying to capture the effect of water and i think i've failed quite miserably. do you have any tips for me?

  2. I feel you, Ujwala. I start to have withdrawal symptoms when my computer has a little lie down. I home that it comes back very soon.

    BTW, I like your poster painting.

  3. sadly it looks like the mother board has got fried! and i havent even had it for a year 😦 but it isnt in warranty as it was bought 4 months before in landed in my hands. For such an expensive item it was too short a life. I think i’ll stick to desktops once more.

    i hope i start drawing more now that my days are going to be without a computer until our shipment is delivered.
    and maybe even start those walks 😀

    glad you like the poster color one 😀 thanks.

  4. I think you are being too modest. The water looks just like water and certainly not like sand. Each progressive stage is more realistic. The computer down time is giving you more chance to draw and paint. So every cloud does have its silver lining.


  5. this cloud certainly seems to have that proverbial silver lining 😀 hope to see more of your work soon.

    tks arvindh. i am not feeling sooo bad as i have my husbands laptop to work from once he gets back home.

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