Reflection – WIP

WIP - Reflection WIP - Reflection WIP - ReflectionWIP - Reflection

I’ve got stuck on the earlier WIP. Decided to start another instead of procrastinating further. I started this at my Monday morning Art Group meet. Worked on it some more this afternoon.

I chose this particular photograph by Sanzen as a reference as it had water and reflection which i want to learn to paint and it also had my current favorite subject – a sadhu! I was trying to think up of a name for this and until earlier this afternoon it was given a title of “Sadhu taking a dip”. Very boring. Today while looking closer at the photograph I noticed that he looks to be in deep thought, reflective and it is connected to my purpose in attempting this particular photograph – and there was my title – “Reflection”

While I have not managed to do much in terms of learning to tackle water or reflections, what i have learnt is to ensure that there is a flow across the paper in terms of the colors used to indicate the direction of the water, its depth or the reflection from other objects. Right now the angles on the left hand side dont match with right. Also it currently looks as though he has been buried in the ground instead of taking a dip in the water. Hopefully, it will improve a bit in the next stage. Advice is always welcome.

This is about 8″ X 10″ in pastel. I have a terrible memory and have already forgotten what little I had learnt of pastels last year. So I start again with this work. It is not complete but I wanted to take a step back. One area that I want to work on is the eyes. I’m also desperately thinking up of ways to tackle getting an edge and a point with my pastels. They’re all quite blunt and stubby. Sharpening them is too much of a waste. Any other ideas?

Stage 3 – Ramesh seems to think that it looks like water but I still dont see it 😦 I’ve worked some more on the water to change it from bright green by adding brown and yellow and some orange in the reflections. I havent got to the eyes so far. And another learning has been that I need to work much larger as it is very difficult to get details with stubby crayons.

Photo reference copyright Sanzen.  Used here with permission.


4 thoughts on “Reflection – WIP

  1. No, I dont think that you have failed miserably – as you put it – in capturing the look of water. I like the third sketch in here as opposed to the final one in terms of the water effect. If sadhu looks phenomenal in the fourth photograph above. I like the third for the water effect because I can see parts of the sadhu’s immersed body better than the fourth one.
    It is possible that if you filled the entire sheet with water (instead of leaving some paper to be seen), that may also enhance the effect of water.
    I admire you for taking up the challenge of depicting water with crayons – something i have never attempted. It is easy to paint water with acrylics and oils (in my experience). So maybe you should attempt a mixed media here – crayons/pastels for the sadhu (who looks fantastic as he is depicted now), and acrylic for the water.

  2. arvindh thanks so much for your comments. I agree with you the water looks worse in the fourth photograph. I shall make an attempt to fix it and hope for the best. I also like your idea of attempting in acrylic / oil. I have some acrylics handy and shall try this very same photograph again. Maybe a bit larger in size. Thanks again for answering my request for advice so promptly. Have a great weekend!

  3. The left picture at the bottom or second row looks like water for me. Deep water I suppose because you used green hues for it.

    The last picture however looks more like a mud than water because of a black coloration. If you wanted to make it look like water you could have used blue or something in its shade.


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