Contemplation – WIP

contemplationwip2 contemplation

This morning I was determined to use my acrylic paints. Took some reference photos that I had collected over a period of time from flickr and finally settled on one from one of my favorites on Flickr Sanzen.

This is just the first round. I will be putting up my progress in this post over the next week, when hopefully, I will finish it.

Update: 9/5 – I've had another go at it today.  Tried to increase the size of the head and have the face bending forward.  I can see some of the changes that need to be made to ground the subject.  I'm not very happy with the color that I used for the background.  I have quite a way to go before reaching the stage of tackling the problem that i was hoping to address with this exercise – that of drapery and folds and shadows and such like 😛

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5 thoughts on “Contemplation – WIP

  1. Very nice…2nd one looks better. Its strange how appearances invoke different feelings/ideas in our heads….atleast mine…when I look at the 1st one I see a slightly overweight…paanwaala he he he…and when I look at the slimed down one…I see a sadhu-like person sitting & meditating 🙂 What are your thoughts ?

  2. great to see you here again. 😀

    I think he’s meant to be a sadhu-like person sitting & meditating 😛 but of course what i’m doing to him is a different topic altogether 😀 i too am happier with the second one but i’m a bit stuck on how to proceed next.

    if you find the time, you must check out the photographer, Sanzen on flickr. his work is truly outstanding.

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