Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare

I must confess that I had not heard of Bobby Bare until today. This was the second time I was attending an art get together with Harriet's group and it turned out to be an everybody do your own thing. I hadnt taken any references with me and was not in the mood to use my imagination so I went through a couple of magazines. Came across this picture in one corner of the page on music reviews. It was on a CD Cover. I found the photograph very striking. In fact, thinking about it now, it reminds me of another similar photo reference that i'd used over a year ago of another singer, Kishori Amonkar. You can have a look at it here.

Used Oil Pastels and this is about 10" X 8". Didnt manage to complete it at this mornings session. Finished it in the evening, before dinner. I'm now attempting to do the pastels on colored paper. You can find this photo reference on the upper left hand corner of page 22 in UTNE's Jan-Feb '06 issue. The CD is called "The Moon was Blue" and i think I might just check it out.

And one more thing. Do leave a comment to tell me which photograph you prefer – the one above taken with a flash or the one below?

Bobby Bare pastel without flash

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2 thoughts on “Bobby Bare

  1. I liked the 1st one..with the flash…looks stronger/fierce etc…2nd looks like a sad old man. :)Perhaps because he looses the light in the eyes in the 2nd pic…

    Are these photographs or your paintings ??

  2. hey sonali. happy to see you here again. 😀 and tks for your comment. this is a photograph of the work that i did yesterday using pastels but it isnt original work as i used a photo from a magazine as reference.

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