Life drawing at Harriets

Parvati I was invited to join an art group for their Monday morning session. And that was this morning. Harriet is lovely, warm and friendly and I was immediately put at ease. They were going to have a Life Portrait session and the model was Parvati.

Decided to try her out in pencil first. Spent about half an hour on this. Found it difficult to handle her hair and maybe the next time i should try and sit in a bit closer. I havent managed to capture a likeness and in mine Parvati looks stern and angry while in reality she was laughing and smiling all the while! Parvati had posed for an art group earlier too and so was quite comfortable with sitting in one position and gave us a good one hour of her time.

Not wanting to hold the others back especially not the first time I met them, i decided not to make an attempt with acrylics but to do something else. Used darker paper for the oil pastels and tried capturing Harriet.

Harriet Sadly, it’s a very poor effort. I’ve realised i’ve forgotten the little i’d picked up of using pastels and will have to start all over again 😦 plus the black back ground was tough to work on. Need to try using it again.

It really felt good to be with people who were also interested in drawing ‘n painting and the morning passed by very swiftly. We had tea and a delicious apple cake too!

I’m now thinking of looking for a subject to try out something in acrylics. 😀


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4 thoughts on “Life drawing at Harriets

  1. I have an untrained-non-artist eye…but the 2nd drawing of colored lines looks very real…like someone is really there…sort of like a photo which has been digitally modified.

  2. Both sketches look very good. As an artist you may feel that they do not capture the likeness of the model. However as stand-alone works of Art they look great!

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