A friends daughter

I've been kicking myself for not doing something every day. I just cant seem to shake this feeling of lethargy. But I've been keeping myself v.busy surfing 😛

I got a photo reference from a friend when she liked a pen&ink that i'd done of hers.

I was a bit scared and the first attempt was a disaster. I just cant get myself to pencil in a framework before inking. I want to do washes so bad but have to organize some permanent ink. Here's the first attempt for the records. I think the face shape was ok but everything else was not. 😀

1st attempt

The second one better than the first but the left side is all messed up. larger eye, lip does not have the right curve and the cheek does not match the one on the right or go with the suppposed face tilt.

2nd attempt

But what i'm happy with is the fact that I've inked in almost all of the face. so far i was frightened to do so. And I'm happy that i've started something. I started this 4-5 days back and then took it up again this afternoon.

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