Raju ki Rajika

After doing 4 portraits and getting positive reactions I decided to make one for Rajika. Decided to continue with the sepia effect but using three colors this time – yellow ochre, burnt sienna and burnt umber. I even tried looking at seperating the picture into 3 areas of light, middle and dark.

I must say that I was quite pleased with this effort especially the shadow of the hair across her face. It doesnt quite look like Rajika – the mistakes that I noticed immediately were that the eye was too inset and the nose too big. but if i look beyond the likeness issue, i find that this one is the best efforts of all the work done since i started this set of portraits.

Have ended up keeping the painting. Rajika’s asked me to email her a photograph which i shall do tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Raju ki Rajika

  1. Rajika is a fellow non-collegiate student at the Delhi College of Art. I havent done her justice.  Thank you very much for the compliment.

  2. i am also Rajika
    was very proud, being unique by name, given by my Dad.
    who is your’s? don’t disclose. but the name is really very nice if you know the correct meaning of the same.

  3. This is an awesome portrait. It’s the hardest kind of drawing and which I’m beginning to tackle.

    My favorite anecdote about likeness, as told by Milton Glaser.
    After Gertrude Stein had her portrait painted by Picasso, she said, “But Pablo, I don’t look like this.”
    To which he replied, “But you will Gertrude, you will.”
    And, it indeed captured her essence.

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