Yuv floating

Used mostly Black Poster color for this one.

When I showed Amina the first one (Ninja Turtles), unlike me, she seemed quite happy other than pointing out that i'd messed up one of Yuv's eyes and asking me to fix it.

And she wanted me to do more. She was planning to give them as a gift to Gappu for his birthday in April. I decided that I would do the one of Yuv's that I had initially wanted to do. Unlike the photo ref which has been very tastefully converted from color to B&W by Amina's friend, where he is floating, this one looks quite grounded. I can also see that I am unable to shade to show depth and need quite a bit of work in that area.

I also need to add in some white as the eyes have got too muddied with my efforts to realign them. I think maybe I need to put in a preliminary drawing in pencil before starting. I dont like the idea but maybe it will give me the results I am looking for.

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