Delhi in winter gets really cold when compared with most other part of India especially the South.  We would sit in the gardens after lunch to catch some sun.  I was then on a mission to learn to take better photographs as well as references of my classmates for future paintings.  Another classmate, Yadvendra took this photograph with my camera.  Vibhuti had covered her head with shawl to protect her face from the midday sun. 

This was made at the tail end of my Pastel phase.   I was doing one every few nights just before sleeping.  I got help from Ramesh on this one.  In fact, I value his opinion and comments a lot.  They help me take a step back. 

Update: June 12, 2006:  just remembered that i have forgotten to add that i really enjoyed using this paper surface.  it's the reverse side of regular mount board and is a shade of dirt brown to start with.  You can see it peeping through but still it isnt as harsh as it would've been had the surface been white to start with.


8 thoughts on “Shy

  1. Love your paintings of people ! Especially faces and this one looks just beautiful. You capture the most real & perfect expressions…and naunces. Its a pleasure to check out your paintings :).

  2. thanks arvindh and sonali – you guys have made my day! I’ve just started work on a sadhu taking a dip in a river. I hope to put it up soon.

  3. thanks karthi for stopping by and your comment. I looked at it once again and agree with you. if the light source was from the forward left hand corner then the nose should have some light too. shall keep it in mind when i do my next drawing. thanks. 😀

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