Lucien Freud

from a self portrait by Lucien Freud

The HOD of the Painting department, Abhimanyue introduced me to the work of artists like Freud, Bonnard and Patwardhan. He was very generous and loaned me some books to study. I just fell in love with Lucien Freud’s style and tried copying his self portrait. It was a time when I was drawing directly with the brush and spending about half an hour finishing each piece before falling off to sleep.

This was made with poster colours in a small notebook. The paper in this book is thin and very smooth but I loved it’s bright coloured cover. I was trying to fill it by attempting to make a piece a day. Didnt last very long but I enjoyed the time, painting at night with a breakfast tray full of art supplies. I think I need to dig  that tray out again.


2 thoughts on “Lucien Freud

  1. hello sir
    i am looking at your work for my art exam and i need information on how u did these and what inspired you do to them. i am loving your work and hope to find more information about them soon

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