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Folow meAfter Vasant Vihar and prior to starting Art College, I had a month. Decided to get some extra pointers in sculpting and I joined the course at Anandgram. My understanding was that I would not be able to do large sculptures but would be guided in the making of them through slab work etc. Turned out that they were only interested in teaching pottery.

Spent half of those 8 classes learning centering and the rest trying to do some slab work on my own.  The earlier sessions with Ebenezer really came in handy. Finally decided to try something on my own and this was it. I was inspired by a photograph that i had seen in a magazine of a man leading his wife out of the river in Benaras. This piece was based on my recollection of it. I had wanted to put the flakes in to represent water.  Maybe someday I’ll have another go at making this.

Took it with me when i started sculpture classes in college but by then it had become very fragile and it broke into several pieces. I managed to save the man and now i have him with me in biscuit form.

Update: July 2007 : It fell of a ledge and is now sitting in a shoebox in a many many pieces.  Havent had the heart to chuck it out.

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