After spending a couple of months painting at Sangeet Shyamala, Ebenezer, our friendly and very able teacher, agreed to help me learn about sculpture. I made a few bas relief pieces which I shall put online soon.

He wanted me to take things slowly at first and not jump right into trying my hand at making a bust. He hadn’t wanted me to get disheartened. Ebenezer got me to try out a small piece first. This was it. I made a couple of drawings to express the ideas that I had in mind. This one was approved and I started building the base with coils of clay. It kept evolving and is different from my original drawings but not waaaaay different.

Ebenezer is a great teacher and he helped me turn this into something I had visualised.  He is also a  well known artist and several pieces of his work are a part of the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.

After keeping it damp for rework for many months I took it to college thinking that maybe I would work on it further and then bake it. And 2 years later, it is still on its way to a kiln to get to the biscuit stage.

This is about 10 ” in height, made of clay. It hasnt been fired. I’ll put up an update if it ever gets to that stage.

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